Lynda’s wedding blog

Hi, I’m Lynda, Robin’s other half. I decided as Robin has been asked to do around 53 weddings this year to do a blog about the ones that I am attending, so I hope you enjoy coming along with us….


No.1 Micheal and Jill Mearns:

No.2 Gary and Linda Ross:

No.3 Paul and Helen Nash:

No.4 Stuart and Amanda Keddie:

No.5 Steve and Lorraine Brown

No.6 Wayne and Joanne Donachie :

No.7 Steven and Ashley MacLennan :

No.8 Mark and Jill Campbell :

No.9 Stuart and Charlotte Nicol:

No.10 Wayne and Nicola Laird:

No.11 Johnny and Lauren Lamb:

No.12 Ross and Eilidh Clarihew:

No.13 Dave and Colleen Masson:

No.14 Sandy and Katrina Stuart:

No.15 Matt and Gilly Rinaldi:

No.16 Robert and Kim Foubister:

No.17 Ryan and Samantha West:

No.18 Graeme and Jennifer Cowie:

No19 Craig and Samantha Allan:

No 20 Allan and Emma Hale:

No.21 David and Vanessa Raeper:

No.22 Clark and Gail Hendry:

No.23 Mark and Michelle Hector:



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