Weddings have been a part of the shore fellowship since October 2oo4, with Robin being granted permission by the Register General to solemnise marriages in Scotland. This is a religious licence but we welcome couples with little or no faith to tie the knot with us. Here’s a list of those couples that have been married and future dates that have been booked for me to officiate at…

1.Stewart and Anny Gibb.
2.Paul and Wendy Third.
3.Iain and Linda Grieve.
4.Hamish and Christine McLeay.
5.Zander and Eve MacKintosh.
6.Scott and Katrina Alexander.
7.Steven and Lorraine McKay.
8.Myles Conlon and Donna Adams.
9.Alan and Louise Matthew.
10.Robin McSloy and Barbara Watt.
11.Paul and Sarah Aithchison.
12.Scott and Caroline Low.
13.Neil and Gemma McHardy.
14.Michael and Emma Robertson.
15.Robert and Donna Morrice.
16.Neil and Angela Quinn.
17.Michael and Adrienne Bruce.
18.Barry and Kelly MacIntosh.
19.Billy and Lisa Milne.
20.Jeff and Pamela Hardy.
21.Sam and Victoria Hewitt.
22.Brian and Dyanne Le Bourvellec.
23.Ricky and Jennifer Stewart.
24.Omar Afif and Emma Afif-Watt.
25.John and Lynsey Deigham.
26.Chris and Tracey Barratt
27.Jim and Cassie Scott.
28.George and Kelly Noble.
29.Mike and Sara Hogan.
30.John and Lauren Brandon.
31.Willie and Kelly Thomson.
32.Gavin and Gail Livingstone.
33.Deane and Claire Southhall.
34.Sean and Jade Hay.
35.Graham and Rachael Bates.
36.Dave and Lyndsay Largue.
37.Jonathan and Elaine Sim.
38.Stuart and Anne Robertson.
39.Scott and Marie Clarihew.
40.Bruce and Lhen Blanchard.
41.Keith and Lynne Jennings.
42.Paul and Heather McElver.
43.Gordon and Louise Low.
44.Gordon and Pamela Singer.
45.Andrew and Alana Cook.
46.Alex and Karen McHattie.
47.Robert and Annemarie Allan.
48.Stuart and Claire Robson.
49.Gary and Charlene Gallon.
50.James and Norma Thomson.
51.Kyle and Lynne Harper.
52.Sandy and Shirley Riach.
53.Craig and Laura Park.
54.Steven and Tamsin McLeod.
55.Stuart and Gillian Metcalfe.
56.Danny and Sarah Farqhuar.
57.John and Aneliya Beaton.
58.Willie and Sharon Leslie.
59.George and Amanda Anderson.
60.Stuart and Pauline Robertson.
61.Kevin and Lyndsey Finnie.
62.Gary and Mary Hepburn.
63.Jim and Ann Jamieson.
64.Aidos and Barbara Binitos.
65.Roland and Elaine Davies.
66.Graham and Yvonne Jackson.
67.Kevin Collett and Lynda Reid.
68.Keith and Marie Lyon.
69.John and Fiona Clark.
70.Jack and Sarah McGregor.
71.Jonathan and Kerri Watson.
72.Euan and Elaine Thompson.
73.Brian and Lesley Thomson.
74.Robert and Pamela Bartlett.
75.Stephen and Linda Griffiths.
76.Barry and Wendy Fettas.
77.Ian and Jiap McDonald.
78.Andrew and Debbie Webster.
79.John and Fiona McCahon.
80.Silas and Julie Woodward.
81.Gareth and Judith Jones.
82.Stephen and Rebecca Bruce.
83.Colin and Sarah Mill.
84.Stuart and Claire Reid.
85.Billy and Elaine French.
86.Ewen and Jackie Mackie.
87.Grant and Lynell Murray.
88.David and Nicola Stewart.
89.Conor and Ellie Woods.
90.Sean and Jennifer Smith.
91.James and Karlene Napier.
92.Steven and Jillian Watt.
93.Chris and Claire Glennie.
94.Kevin and Jasmin Murphy.
95.John and Amy McLeay.
96.Colin and Sara Sutherland.
97.John and Pauline Smith.
98.Marc and Tracey Wilson.
99.Craig and Claire Balharry.
100.Grant and Gillian Milne.
101.Michael and Lauren Paterson.
102.Gavin and Diane Laing.
103.Myles and Kim MacDonald.
104.Graeme and Tara Forrest.
105.Josh and Katie Lovell.
106.Alexander and Vicki Johnston.
107.David and Margaretmary Slater.
108.Bob and Nicole Downie.
109.Danny and Fiona McLaren.
110.Steven and Lynsey Neish.
111.Bruce and Glynis Ferguson.
112.Willie and Diane Borthwick.
113.Jordan and Rachel Cassie.
114.David and Pamela Innes.
115.Jarek and Alison Butka.
116.Winnie and Jane Whyte.
117.Paul and Kim Duncan.
118.Mathew and Natalie Lockwood.
119.Bruce and Kaye Taylor.
120.Graeme and Chris Simpson.
121.Steve and Carol Rapaport.
122.Peter and Emma Bryan.
123.Darren and Jill Tomlin.
124.Dan and Claire Gordon.
125.Scott and Emma Emslie.
126.Scott and Tricia Porteous.
127.Gary and Hayley Milton.
128.Ray and Linda Jenkin.
129.Ross and Naomi Thompson.
130.Kenny and Emma Murray.
131.Gary and Fiona Stoopman.
132.Brian and Claire Youngson.
133.Dom and Tanya Lund.
134.Steven and Tailor Tough.
135.Jim and Sarah Watt.
136.Graeme and Ann Beveridge.
137.Richard and Naomi Earsman.
138.David and Rachel Reid.
139.Fraser and Sarah-May Watt.
140.Darren and Brenda Adams.
141.Mark and Leanne Aitken.
142.Paul and Gemma Winton.
143.Joseph and Natasha Gillan.
144.Chrissy and Lisa Davidson.
145.Daniel and Vicky Whiting.
146.John and Lorna Marsden.
147.Christopher Condon and Celine le
Foscade Condon.
148.Brian and Leanne Masson.
149.Daniel and Pamela Milne.
150.Shaun and Faye Edward.
151.Ian and Sally McIntosh.
152.Mikey and Claire Jack.
153.Mark and Brenda McGinley.
154.Michael and Jill Mearns.
155.Garry and Linda Ross.
156.Paul and Helen Nash.
157.Stuart and Amanda Keddie.
158.Steve and Lorraine Brown.
159.Alistair and Sophie Coats.
160.Wayne and Joanne Donachie.
161.Rodney and Jackie Innes.
162.Sean and Liza Simpson.
163.Steven and Ashley MacLennan.
164.Mark and Jill Cambell.
165.Stuart and Charlotte Nicol.
166.Camie and Jolene Kidell.
167.Wayne and Nicola Laird.
168.Johnny and Lauren Lamb.
169.Ross and Eilidh Clarihew.
170.Dave and Colleen Masson.
171.Sandy and Katrina Stuart.
172.Dr.Matt and Gilly Rinaldi.
173.Robert and Kim Foubister.
174.Ryan and Samantha West.
175.Graeme and Jennifer Cowie.
176.Craig and Sammy Allan.
177.Allan and Emma Hales.
178.David and Vanessa Raeper.
179.Clark and Gail Hendry.
180.Mark and Michelle Hector.
181.Cliff and Geraldine Manukau.
182.Ray and Rachel Skinner.
183.Stuart and Zoe Donald.
184.Michael and Sheena-Kay Sharp.
185.David and Kahlia Seivwright.
186.David and Katrina McLaren.
187.Andrew and Ashleigh Ritchie.
188.Roddy and Michelle McKay.
189.Jason and Gemma Barclay.
190.John and Stacey Rennie.
191.Philip and Claire Lyon.
192.Ed and Jackie Young.
193.Paul and Donna Alexander.
194.James and Elaine Geddes.
195.Jim and Edith McPhee.
196.Richard and June Cowie.
197.Stuart and Cheryl Emslie.
198.Ryan and Laura Mair.
199.Danny and Samantha Sorby.
200.Ian and Nicki Payne.
201.Donald and Lorna Thomson.
202.John and Claire Duguid.
203.Mike and Fiona Davies.
204.Barry and Susan Watson.
205.Neil and Susan Forrest.
206.David and Monica Driver.
207.Matthew and Gemma Hawthorne.
208.Tom and Jane Adamson.
209.Matthew and Jenna Morrice.
210.Stephen and Natalie Smith.
211.Drew and Suzanne Young.
212.Alister and Louise Christie.
213.Stuart and Holly Ritchie.
214.Malcolm and Laura Riach.
215.Steven and Zoey Ritchie.
216.James and Shannon Johnstone.
217.Kyle and Lucy Morrison.
218.Wullie and Sarah Still.
219.Colin and Ashley Millar.
220.Victor and Joan Beagrie.
221.Ryan and Ruby Simpson.
222.Darren and Ashleigh Murray.
223.Roy and Jamie Graffic.
224.Gavin and Rachel Barclay.
225.Joe and Mary Brown.
226.Ian and Margaret Butcher.
227.Scott and Sarah Newton.
228.Don and Julie Allan.
229.Toby and Hannah Donaldson.
230.Simon and Nicola Noble.
231.Zander and Linda Davidson.
232.Darryl and Sarah Duncan.
233.Barry and Julie Ainge.
234.Scott and Diane Cooper.
235.James and Kim Milne.
236.David and Laura Winton.
237.James and Leeanne Crossman.
238.Iain and Jill Mair.
239.Barry and Kyhla Moir.
240.Stephen and Grace Milne.
241.Rikki and Katy Geddes.
242.Liam and Laurieann McDonald.
243.Euan and Michelle Wiseman.
244.Brian and Nicola Ure.
245.Jonny and Colleen Bisset.
246.Graham and Ashleigh Thompson.
247.John and Rosie Keir.
248.Darren and Emma Noble.
249.Gary MacBeath and Laura McGregor.
250.George and Jan Scott.
251.Duncan and Jo Robson.
252.Craig and Keyliegh Sangster.
253.Ian and Donna Blackhall.
254.Stephen and Sarah Morrice.
255.Wayne and Tanya Stewart.
256.Kieran and Adele Riddell.
257.Mark and Nichole Alexander.
258.Liam and Jennifer Robertson.
259.Ryan and Amber Mowat.
260.Wilson and Kimberley Stephen.
261.Tom and Sarah White.
262.Ronald and Teresa Lawrence.
263.Matthew and Laura Crawford.
264.Leigh and Lynn Bellingham.
265.Kevin and Jade Blanchard.
266.Paddy and Amy Mair.
267.James and Lindsay Scott.
268.Kevin and Emma Reid.
269.Michael and Stephanie Legge.
270.Shaun and Shannon Murray.
271.Daryl and Valene Allan.
272.Jordan and Abbie Bruce.
273.David and Georgie McKeitch.
274.James and Victoria McRobbie.
275.Ewan and Georgie Thomson.
276.Stuart and Jodie Adams.
277.Ally and Ainsley Gardiner.
278.Damian and Natalie Nicol.
279.Ian and June Downie.
280.Cameron and Sonia Grant.
281.Dennis and Helen Cran.
282.Murray and Philippa Young.
283.Richard and Kerry Will.
284.Christopher and Ashleigh Pearson.
285.Iain and Kim McCracken.
286.Jim and Diane Cumming.
287.Calvin and Louise Harris.
288.Calum Reid and Seona Major Reid.
289.John and Laine Herd.
290.Simon and Natalie Tait.
291.Gary and Stephanie Masson.
292.Grant and Tasha Reid.
293.Paul and Yvonne Rennie.                                                                                                               294.Neil and Shaunie Cheyne.                                                                                                             295.Tony and Liz Cameron.                                                                                                                296.Jan and Georgina Madgett.                                                                                           297.Stuart and Aishling Gordon.                                                                                                         298.Alistair and Kelly Stewart.                                                                                          299.Michael and Sarah Greenlaw.                                                                                             300.David and Susan Wiseman.                                                                                                  301.Murat and Holly Aymelek.                                                                                                     302.Graeme and Roseann Barber.                                                                                              303.John and Jennifer Bell.                                                                                                                   2019:                                                                                                                                                    304.Iain and Lorraine Grieve.                                                                                                     305.Grant and Sarah Anderson.                                                                                               306.Daryn and Broghan Bruce.                                                                                                           307.Brian and Adrienne Metcalfe.

Upcoming Dates:

April 6th
May 3rd,4th,5th,9th,18th,19th,25th
June 1st,7th,22nd
July 5th,6th,13th,20th,27th
August 3rd,9th,10th,17th,24th,31st
September 6th,7th,13th,14th
October 5th,11th,15th,19th                                                                                                                   November 22nd,23rd

April 4th,11th,25th
May 3rd,9th,23rd,,27th,30th
June 12th,20th,27th
July 4th,11th,25th                                                                                                                                    August 15th,22nd,29th
September 5th,19th                                                                                                                               October 31st
November 14th                                                                                                                        December 12th

2021:                                                                                                                                                          May 22nd,28th                                                                                                                                  July 10th,17th

Robin is taking a break from weddings in 2022.


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