All of us together in The Institution Street Hall.


Welcome to the home web site of the shore fellowship. This site we hope will give you a better look at what our fellowship is involved in and will keep you informed about what all is happening. If you want to get in contact you can do so through the web-site or alternatively you can phone Robin on 01261 832663.

This is a great video from Cru and Strong films seen by over a million on YouTube already. For more information go to: http://www.fallingplates.com/


Not many Dads get the opportunity to give away and then precide over their daughters wedding. I did. Which made this day just a bit more special.

‘Blown Away’

For the first time in days
my head is emptied of the
babbling stream of words
blown away
by the wind on the hill
which presses against my lips
the forefinger of hush.
There is time to be silent.
Words say nothing here.
The wind carries all before it.
And slowly I begin to sense
what cannot be named
only wandered at.
Ian Adams http://www.inthebellyofthebigfish.blogspot.com/


Jake, Robin and Iain get ready to take the plunge!

Take a deep breath Jake!

Well, done Jake!

It’s Evelyn’s turn now!

Evelyn’s flip flops were getting stuck in the muddy bottom!

“In the name of the Father,the Son and the Holy Spirit”

Thank you, to everyone!

It was a great day on Sunday when over twenty of us witnessed the baptisms of Jake and Evelyn. These are significant moments in their lives and it was good that we all came back to our Hall in Carny Street for a cup of hot tea and coffee, (the water was freezing by the way!) where John Parsons shared briefly on what baptism means. It was also special to hear Jake say a short thank you and for Evelyn to share really eloquently her journey of faith and how she has appreciated all those that have had an infuence on her life up until now. God is Good!

2 Responses to Home

  1. Evelyn Morrison says:

    Yes it was a great day our baptisms went so well. I felt so positive and focused that the water did not feel too cold,It was a wonderful experience.Jake was brave he went first.
    I was amazed to see so many people there to witness this special day.Thank-you.
    And special thanks to God for placing Kathleen Ross, Lynda & Robin Wiseman and Colin Murray in my life, they have been the light that has lit up the path on my journey of faith over this past year. They have given me their friendship, encouragement and support.
    With God’s love my faith will continue grow .
    God Bless you all
    Evelyn x

  2. Alan West says:

    Hello Evelyn and Jake
    This is a great testimony of your faith to the local community of Banff and Macduff, It’s so pleasing to see Jake and Evelyn witness and commitment to the work of the Lord, it’s such a joy to my heart.

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